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116B37, Draw string Tee in grey with lace hem RM50
Fits S to M.

126B37, singlet with cute print and lace straps RM37
cotton. colors: grey snowman, turquoise autumn leaves
Fits S

192B37, Denim dress with chiffon polka dot RM51
colors: black, almond.
Fits S

936B37, 3/4 cotton tights with sewn on heart details RM49
colors: blue, pink.
Fits S

651B37, Tee with Applique large flower motif RM49
colors ; dark blue, white.
Free size, Fits S to M

649B37, Tee with flower sequinned details and vest RM49
vest can be separated. cotton material
Fits to S

647B37, Mock 2piece cardie + tiered chiffon blouse RM50
colors: blue Fits M or S

517B37, Bohemian frilled sleeves cotton blouse RM51
white color. Free size, fits S to M

499B37, Lace dress RM51
colors: white, almond. Fits S

NN35, Sky blue tube dress (chiffon) RM39
Fits S.

252B35, Deep V striped top RM57
inner slip not included. colour: black, grey
cotton knit material. soft and comfortable. Stretchable
Fits S

108B36, cute polka dotted chiffon halter slip RM45
colour: black only
material: cotton, chiffon. Fits XS to S.
chest 31-46cm, length 88cm (include halter strap), waist 26-38cm

513B36, Olive blouse with lace details RM59
cotton material. Fits S to M. shoulders 35cm, chest 45cm
length 66cm

017b35, Denim vest with chiffon floral skirt attached RM60
vivi magazine design.
length 68cm, low waist area 32-36cm, hip 34-38cm, hem width 71cm
elastic details on the back of vest (stretchable)

163B35, Striped black white cotton dress RM45
chest 40-48cm, length 78cm, waist 32-38cm
colours: black, pink

048B36, Striped cotton dress (grey) RM45
chest 33-48cm, length 82cm, waist 44-54cm
hip 54-66cm

795b35, track pants RM39
colour: black only. cotton material. light and comfortable
waistband 23-32cm, hip 34-40cm, length 99cm, thigh width 23cm

514B35, Chiffon + cotton top RM45
colours: white, grey, purple
chest 40-52cm, length 56cm
Fits S

354B35, Zebra tee in white RM42
Fits S to M
zebra is cloth material and sewn on , not printed on

296B35, 2piece: striped halter top + cotton blouse in grey RM57
halter top : chest 34-48cm,
cotton blouse: length 53cm, chest free size

055MY201, 2piece: Floral chiffon short sleeve tunic + inner slip RM54
colors: white base, turquoise base.
inner: length 36cm, chest 37-57cm
tunic: length 80cm, chest 35-51cm

312MY201, Grey cotton cuffed shorts RM51
length 30cm, waistband 35cm
crotch to waist length (front) 19cm (Fits S)

425MY201, Dark blue cuffed shorts with belt RM52
length 29cm, waistband 34cm, crotch to waist length (front) 20cm
Fits S.

494MY201, 2piece: inner tank top + outer cropped tee RM44
grey colour. cotton material. Fits S
inner: length 61cm, chest 29-48cm
tee: length 45cm, chest 58cm

685MY201, Almond coloured maxi dress RM65
length 101cm, chest 27-50cm,

863MY201, Off shoulder smocked top with lace RM53
color: light blue only. cotton material. length 52cm, chest 34-51cm, waist 25-46cm

985MY201, Cotton button blouse with ribbons RM49
color: light blue only. length 57cm, chest 41-50cm, waist 38cm

022MY201, 3/4 pants with elastic waistband RM44
colour: light grey only. Cotton material. Fits S
length 70cm, waist 32-45cm.

076MY201, 2piece: chiffon blouse + inner floral piece RM47
color: almond only.
blouse: length 66cm, chest 48cm
inner: length 54cm, chest 35-50cm

108MY201, Silk cotton blouse with woven belt RM52
color: white, almond. length 62cm, chest 46cm, waist 33-54cm

391MY201, 2piece: inner slip + outer knitted long sleeve blouse RM52
cute felt material floral brooch is detachable.
material: inner (cotton), outer (woolen knit)
colors: purple (sold), dark blue (available).
length 51cm, chest 36-51cm (inner)
length 57cm, chest 39-50cm (outer)

503MY201, Eyelet skirt RM53
elastic waist band.
length 48cm, waist 33-49cm

YOCO 201, V neck knitted Over sized blouse in Green RM67
chest 32inch, waist 30iinch, length 88cm, hip 30inch