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863, Cropped collared shirt tie blouse RM65
colors: cocoa-beige, white. Material: high end cotton
chest 88cm, length 43cm, shoulders 36cm,sleeve 18cm
Fits S.
(inner matching tank top is sold separately, add RM5 for the whole set, )

927, Crochet korean vest RM68
length 65cm, chest 80cm, waist 76cm

941, knitted crochet loose fit blouse RM66
color: white. Inner piece not included
length 57cm, shoulder 40cm, chest 90cm, sleeve length 42cm

1049, Button blouse with lace crochet details RM75
colors:  peachy - pink available
length 57cm, chest 35cm, waist chest 84cm,
Fits XS to S
Inner spaghetti top with the lace hem is not included.

219, Blouse with lace details RM98
shoulder 35cm, chest 86cm, length 58cm
Fits S size

103, Korean OL blouse + inner slip RM103
material: korean silk. color: beige only
length 62cm, shoulder 36cm, chest chest 80cm, waist 72cm

919, Chiffon button OL shirt dress with satin ribbon RM79
color: light pink. With inner lining.
chest 36", waist 40" (can be adjusted with ribbon tie), hip 46",
length 38"
Fits M sizes

9043, Chiffon pleated sleeves blouse RM70
colors available: black only
material: high end chiffon.
Note: material is sheer and there is slit at the chest area
no inner slip is provided. Fits S
chest 100cm (meant to be loose fit), waist 65cm, length 45cm

104, Capped sleeve smooth cotton dress RM80
with lace trimming. color: nudy-beige
length 88cm, shoulders 36cm,
Fits S to M

965, Mandarin collar silk ruffled blouse RM79
side zipper. Material: silk
Fits Size L
chest 90cm, waist 84cm, length 54cm

109, Tweed OL skirt with satin pleats RM90
Fits XL size! other sizes out of stock
excellent quality, comes with inner lining
low waist 84cm, hip 98cm, length 52cm

110, Pleated suspender skirt with chiffon hem RM90 - sold out
material: high quality office suit material with inner lining
suspenders can be removed (they are buttoned on)
waist 76cm, hips 96-98cm, length 41cm
Fits S to M size

1102, Korean button blouse with pleated neckline RM80
due to slight defect (sleeves are 3/4 in length) price reduced to RM50
material: silk, chiffon, cotton waistband
Fits S
waist 76cm, sleeve 51cm, chest 86cm, length 47cm

2027, Capped sleeve lace + silk blouse RM69
side zipper, L size only (other sizes out of stock)
shoulder 36cm, chest 96cm, waist 90cm, length 52cm

191, Silk blouse with many buttons RM91
color: Dark blue, size L only
shoulders 38cm, chest 92cm, waist 86cm, sleeve length 45cm
length 61cm

1051, Satin OL button blouse with pleated trim RM75
material: high end thick satin material
colors available: gold, black (other colors out of stock)
shoulders 38cm, sleeve 30cm, chest 92cm, waist 84cm
Fits M size

904: Tee with attached striped tank top RM66
(mock 2pc, cannot be separated)
colours: blue only. Fits XS to S.
chest 80cm, waist 75cm, length 60cm

910, Tiered coloured vest RM81
colours: pink, . Knitted cotton (stretchable) + silk layers
length 58cm, chest 82cm, waist 75cm. Fits S

915, Pleated chiffon blouse with pearls RM95
colours: grey only.length 64cm, chest 88cm (stretchable to 96cm)
with full inner lining. Fits S to small M

923, Sleeveless flowing silk top in pink RM80
chest 88cm, length 65cm
material: silk, cotton knit

937, Big ribbon chiffon blouse RM88
high end chiffon material!
colours: white, pink. with inner lining
chest 90cm, length 62cm. Fits S to M

939, Sleeveless chiffon tiered blouse + roses RM90
colour: blue. chest 90cm, length 66cm. Fits S to M

943, Heavy embellished pleated sleeveless tunic RM102
with hand sewn pearls. material: cotton, chiffon, pearls.
colours: pink, white. Chest 88cm, waist 80cm, length 80cm

944, Patched sleeveless slouchy blouse + inner slip RM99
colour: coffee. material: chiffon, wool+cotton knit
chest 88cm length 68cm

945, Roman Tee with sewn on pearls RM70
colours: light tea pink, sweet light turquoise
chest 80cm, length 57cm. Fits S

946, White tiered chiffon blouse RM84
chest 80cm, length 58cm

953, Heavily embellished sleeveless chiffon blouse RM77
colours: pink. material: cotton , chiffon
chest 86cm, length 63cm

957, Big ribbon with diamante sleeveless blouse RM85
colours: white, pink. material: chiffon , silk
chest 88cm, length 60cm

958, Denim waisted skirt with lace layer RM79
material: light weight denim cotton. With inner lining back zipper
Fits S : waist 70cm, length 54cm

129, Ribbed cotton cardigan with inner floral folds RM88
colours: pink (available), light turquoise/green(out of stock)
Fits  S. chest 82cm, length 54cm
** this item is a rejected item, thus the lower price. The defect lies in the sleeves. This batch was manufactured in full long sleeves instead of 3/4 sleeves. We got this at a lower price than original.
Brooch not inclusive

178, Lacey ribbed cotton inner slip RM52
colour: dark blue only as shown in pic 1
legnth 58cm, chest 78cm. Fits  S

183, Tee with soft chiffon sleeves + applique roses RM66
colours: white, grey. Material: smooth soft stretchable cotton
length 52cm, chest 88cm, waist 74cm. Fits S