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IS10-7009, Vneck lace chiffon sleeveless chiffon dress RM50
colour: nude pink. With inner lining.
length 82cm, chest 42-48cm, waist 29-50cm

IS10-1214, cotton square neck blouse RM67
colour: white only.
length 55cm shoulder 36cm, chest 45cm, waist 40cm

IS10-815, Long cuffs cotton drape neck blouse in almond beige RM104
soft material. length 74cm, chest 43cm, waist 41cm

IS10-2032, Cotton inner floral blouse with white gauze and swirled sleeves RM45
length 59cm, chest 39cm, waist 37cm

IS10-4101, one shoulder chiffon baby doll blouse RM40
side zipper. colour: pink-lilac only (first 2 pics)
length 63cm, chest 43cm,waist 35cm

IS10-3129, Glossy material cotton 3/4 pants with lace trim RM40
elastic waistband
colour: black only.
length 73cm, waist 31-45cm, rise 23cm, thigh width 23cm

IS10-6974, Cotton spag strap top with eyelet details on front RM33
colours: white, pink.
length 58cm, chest 35-45cm, waist 32cm

IS10-1476, Ethnic printed Maxi dress RM51
cotton material. straps adjustable.
length 68cm, chest 32-47cm

IS10-53076, Cotton chiffon floral tee dress with waist clincher RM53
legnth 84cm, chest 38-56cm, waist 30cm

IS10-3708, 6 button shorts with back bow RM52
colour: khaki only. thin office suit material
length 28cm, waist 33cm, rise 23cm, thigh width 25cm

IS10-1476, Chiffon square neck blouse with lace crochet details RM50
colour: lilac -pink (first pic). With inner lining
length 68cm, chest 42-47cm, waist 54cm

IS10-26, Cotton tee with blue denim dress and belt rM30
imitation denim, cotton material. Free size
Fits S

IS10-380, Inner tube piece in black RM20
cotton material. with inner chest pads attached.
length 11cm, chest 25-37cm

IS10-42, Pretty in lace slip dress RM49
colour available: pink. straps adjustable
length 78cm exclude straps, straps 10-18cm, chest 34-51cm, waist 46cm
fits S