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830MY201, Long Knitted cardigans with pockets RM55
with waist tie (can be tied to the back to adjust fit)
sleeves can be buttoned up
colours: grey (available), white (sold out). Free size

738MY201, Chiffon blouse with satin ribbon tie RM47
Fits S to M

603MY201, High waisted skirt in almond RM51
cotton material. Fits S

529MY201, Ribbed tee with embroidery + chiffon sleeves RM49
colours: black, turquoise, pink.
Fits S

132MY201, 2piece: Purple chiffon blouse +
inner slip RM58
fits S , sleeves can be buttoned up

990MY201, 2piece: Knitted blouse + inner slip dress
with chiffon hem RM60 (fits S to M)

124MY201, baby blue cotton tunic with lace RM50
fits S, skirt worn by model is not included.