About FashionCream

We have been in operation since early 2007 with successful results and many returning customers. We strive to provide all our customers with good and reliable service to complement and enhance a great online shopping experience!

We have a very wide variety the of the latest Korean fashion, providing mostly preorders and some in-stock items. Our blog is updated at least once a week!

Rest assured,
Our apparel are sourced from recommendable quality suppliers

Introduction to brands:

1.Korean retail Preorder: Ordered straight from Korean retails shops!

2.Ongoing preorders: High quality
Includes a variety of high quality apparel made of premium grade material such as korean silk, high end chiffon, good quality satin, thick cotton, premium grade office suit material, linen etc.
These are NOT cheap stuff imitation  low quality goods.

3. Mixture Magazine preorders:  Mid level to good quality
A mixture of japanese and korean styled items from magazine inspired sources. Includes imitation korean items which are made in korea/china , Japanese branded reject items, Vivi and Lena magazine styled good quality items etc

4.  coming soon, more korean fashion preorders, stay tuned....

5.In-stock items: Mainly from taiwan, original suppliers' sources.